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Why Considering Online Business is the Necessity?

online bussines

Almost all businesses have been majorly impacted during the constant lockdowns and social distancing rules amidst this pandemic. With a few customers coming to shops on a weekly/ monthly basis, daily sales have significantly decreased and the small businesses and shop-owners have had it the worst. On the other hand, as the data indicates, online sales markets are booming more than ever!  Customers are preferring to order groceries/ necessities online rather than going to a shop physically and purchase things. And why not?

Online shops provide every possible service available, including free home deliveries and attractive discounts. So, if your small shop is facing a major crisis during these trying times of COVID, restart and flourish with transforming your shop into an online venture and turn your business around.

While running an offline business has its own perks, in these challenging situations, an online business is certainly going to become far more profitable. With online exposure, the customer reach of your business is bound to increase. Endless possibilities can open up, only by taking your business online. In this guide, we will provide you with the valuable information on how to launch your offline business into a more profitable and online establishment.

How to take your offline business to an E commerce platform?


Initial Preparations: Before jumping straight onto the bandwagon, there are some important factors which need your attention in order to launch your online business.

Creating a Brand Identity: Since online sales are majorly affected by brand identities, it is important to completely rejuvenate your identity as a brand if it already is not popular. This includes getting a new, trendy logo, newer features and an attractive colour palette to attract a fresher target audience. With a more refined brand identity, your business is sure to improve.

Ideal Customer: Next, one of the most crucial jobs is to pinpoint your target customer and conduct the marketing in the concurrent way. Try to figure out whether you want to widen the scope of your business by targeting a more generalized audience and create an ideal buyer persona that you are targeting.

Products: Determine selling which products will be more profitable and will also reach your target customers. Actively attempt to stand out from other competing online businesses by researching their methods beforehand and create your own unique marketing style.

Create a Website:

 In order to initiate sales online, a website will effectively serve as a platform, showcasing your products. The first step in taking your offline shop online is to create a website. Pick a domain that resonates with your brand and also demands attention. Your domain name should be easy to remember as well. Choosing a good marketplace striving to harbour your business as support your growth is of utmost importance.

This is where Sell Nicely can become your one stop solution. Sell Nicely is a reliable shipping platform for eCommerce sellers. It is a great platform providing opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and also established ones who want to integrate their business with e-Commerce. Even if you don’t have much of an expertise in the area of Online business, Sell Nicely will assist you in keeping your website running.

Selling nicely as an e-Commerce platform is extremely helpful in managing and conducting your business online. With its user-friendly interface, it is very easy to create a website and manage everything including payments.

Reasons to Choose Sell Nicely:

  1. With a user-friendly Interface, Sell Nicely will help you create your own website in a jiffy. A hassle-free and easy method that does not require much of technological expertise, Sell Nicely is easy to set up and use. Sell Nicely also lets you choose a custom domain name, thus helping you in standing out and assisting you in launching your website.
  2. Sell Nicely also allows you to customize your storefront with different themes that resonate with your brand identity.  Creating an online store that matches your brand and creates excitement in the target customers with its visual appeal was never so easy!
  3. Sell Nicely is an extremely secure and reliable platform for online businesses with excellent customer support available 24/7
  4. An exquisite option for small and midsize business entrepreneurs to take their business online with a minimal payment. Increase your business visibility and boost your sales today, with Sell Nicely.

Set up Payment Options:

The biggest challenge in managing an online business is to set up secure online payment methods that will make your customers feel safe while transacting. There are a plethora of options available for accepting online payments. It is possible to open a merchant account or alternatively utilize a payment processor such as PayPal or Google Pay. To keep your online business profitable and ensure its smooth functionality, do your best to set up a secure online payment processing that will keep both your customers and your business safe.

Increase your Online Presence:

After successfully setting up an online marketplace, creating a strong, online presence is crucial to make the customers aware of your business. For this, use your marketing strategy accordingly with your target audience. Without proper optimization and adequate promotion, your website is designed to fail, despite its attractive design or quality products. Try investing in digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization that will literally put your business on top. Here are a few ways which can help you set up your business online:

  1. Social Media Marketing: Popular social media handles such as Facebook and Instagram can be of great assistance in the online marketing process. Set up your business page and post things regularly and strategically, taking into consideration- the competitors and consumer choices. Even though the process of gaining followers is a lengthy process, it will certainly benefit you in the long run. These social media platforms are great for marketing your business and boost your business popularity with trendy, to-the-point posts. Especially these days, a strong social media presence can contribute a lot to your business.
  2. Paid Advertisements:  It is possible to pay certain organizations to run your advertisements which is based on the number of clicks each ad gets. Paid advertisements in several popular social media or streaming platforms will be crucial in increasing your online visibility and definitely will positively impact your business prospects. In addition to this, be sure to put up your products with accurate product descriptions and ensure to invest in a good CMS for boosting the sales.

How to make sure of Quick Order Fulfilment?


Efficient order fulfilment brings guaranteed success to any online retail business. Specially with the recently increased amount of online orders, quick and hassle-free order fulfilment can take your business to newer heights. This includes the following steps:

1.       Managing Inventory: This is an important aspect of both offline and online retail businesses. While during online selling, one has to be overly conscious about updating the inventory in sync with the orders.

2.       Good Packaging: Your packaging service says it all. After all, a good packaging solution will absolutely please your customers and make them feel safe to reorder from you. On the other hand, bad packaging will only disappoint your customers and encourage them not to order from you again. Good packaging is the key in delivering sensitive and brittle things safely to the customers, so investing in a good packaging for your eCommerce business will definitely prove to be beneficial for you.

3.       Shipping services: Figuring out your preferred shipping methods before setting up an online retail business is important. At Sell Nicely, you can create shipping rates as per your advantage and you can also specify any rules or restrictions regarding the shipping methods. Even though free shipping option draws in more customers, as a small business venture, one should not take the risk of free shipping which might lead to significant loss for the company.

Why think of Good Exchange/Return Policy?

A transparent and effective return/exchange policy is a vital part of any good retail company. The option of exchanging or returning has to be there for the convenience of customers. Often due to several reasons, exchanging or returning items becomes the only solution. Thus, be sure to implement an effective and customer-friendly exchange/ return policy also keeping your profit in mind.

·         Excellent Customer Service: Good customer service is the founding stone of any business and plays a crucial role in cementing your reputation as a business. Your customer service team should be in sync with your business policies and should be experts at handling queries and complaints.

E-commerce has heavily impacted the current economic and business scenario. With major retail companies utilizing its beneficial prospects and increasing their business through online sales platforms, it is time for small start-ups and offline stores to come online to increase their visibility and be in sync with the trends of marketing.

The only way of saving and profiting in the current situation, it is best not to contemplate further on the losses but rather it is important to take a stance on how to prevent it. Setting up your online business with Sell Nicely will give you access to a wide range of services that will take your business up and running again in no time. Take the better decision today and create an account on Sell Nicely to secure your business and your future.  With these steps, and with Sell Nicely, your business will prosper and flourish in no time. 

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