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Make Your Own Grocery Store with Sell Nicely

We cannot deny the fact that online platforms have irrevocably made our lives so much easier. The same goes for groceries and essential items for day-to-day use. So, in case you do plan on joining this community, we would suggest you do your research and select all the best options that play right into your advantages. Want to start an online grocery business but don’t know how to go about the entire process?

We are here to help you find your way and establish a successful grocery store, where you can even deliver daily needs with no difficulty whatsoever. All you will need is time, patience, and selling Nicely. What is Sell Nicely, you ask? Only the best thing to happen to you if an online business is your passion. Keep reading to learn more about Sell Nicely, and it can help you construct an online grocery store with a successful delivery system.

Delivery Region

Start thinking like an entrepreneur for this one, because running a full-fledged business is no child’s play. If you want to start a grocery shop with an online presence, you need to establish a customer demographic- usually, this is different for different businesses, but since almost everybody tends to need groceries, age is not as big a factor as location is. Decide what areas your grocery store will cater to, factoring in criteria like market competition, customer response to online grocery deliveries, and the social preferences of the residents of the areas you choose to cater to.

Having an e-commerce aid like Sell Nicely is almost mandatory, because it can minimize your work for you, by efficiently analysing leads for you from various different areas. It will also provide you with support in terms of gaining an edge over other physical local stores in areas related to revenue generation.

E-commerce Platform

The creation of an e-commerce website is a major step that you need to set-up your online grocery store. You proceed with this decision in one of two ways- either opt for the conventional method, wherein an online marketplace site would be pre-established, and you just have to create an account and upload. The downside to this process is the very fact that it ends up being lengthy and costly. Your second option in this case would be to partner up with an expert eCommerce website builder, such as Sell Nicely, and save up on time and money.

With help from Sell Nicely, and its user-friendly interface, you don’t even have to worry if you think that you aren’t that well versed with technology. You can have complete creative control over the design and layout of your own website, and though developing can come across as time consuming, thanks to Sell Nicely’s simplified back-end, all the hard-work and time you put into your online store will definitely pay off at the end.

Inventory Management


Inventory is what makes up the soul of any grocery business. You need to have diverse products to attract new customers, and you need to keep track of those products. Trach when they are out of stock, low in quantity, or if they need to be replaced. For achieving all these tasks, you are going to need a solid inventory management tool. Sell Nicely can prove to be helpful in this aspect as well. With its help, you can easily categorize the products that you sell and even set up systems that track their availability, or even lack thereof.

Delivery System

Your online business stays connected to your customers with the help of delivery services. Choosing a reliable delivery system is so crucial, that it can potentially make or break your relationship with your customers. The kind of rapport you keep with them also largely depends on the delivery system that you select, ensuring that this system is especially prompt in the areas you primarily cater to.

Teaming up with a smart e-commerce solution that integrates with your grocery delivery partner would be in the best of your interests. This must include features that make it easy for your customers to track their orders, and to receive respective updates over text. Sell Nicely provides you not only with such options, but also gives you an edge over your competitors by providing extremely competent features that will help you to manage your deliveries flawlessly and with ease.

Integration with Vendors

If you run a business, wanting to expand it over time is only natural, and even recommended. So, if you wish to expand your grocery selling and delivering business, you can either broaden your inventory, or you can always tie up with vendors who sell products that you would want to include in your store. Ensure that your e-commerce platform is capable of supporting multiple seller integrations.

You have the option of adding sellers, including a multi-seller feature, or integrating with other stores to promote the products that you want to highlight. Here too, Sell Nicely may turn out to be your best friend, because it provides its users with so much ease of control, that you can decide how your website looks and functions, depending on what you think is best for your business. All Sell Nicely will do is support you and provide you with all the necessary tools and extra help, should you need them.

Need of Marketing For Your Online Platform

Marketing is an essential requirement for your business if you wish for it to become successful. The online presence for your store should be strong enough to be felt by your target audience. Opting for an on-page and off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your e-commerce site. If you want to opt for offline marketing, think about distributing flyers, banners, and coupon pamphlets at localities around your target site.

The most successful and tried and tested methods obviously include discounts and compelling offers. Go for an e-commerce partner, like Sell Nicely, that has an extremely dedicated marketing-based module best suited for your grocery store. With help from this, your website will be able to manage heavy virtual traffic in a tactful and organized way.

Next most helpful tip would be having a social media presence, which- especially in the 21st century- is mandatory. If your foundation on social media is solid, you probably won’t even have to step out of your house or store to advertise, and neither will your customers have to physically visit the store just to know more about it. Social media not only helps you interact with an established and potential customer base, it also helps in extremely effective advertisement in case you launch new deals, sales and offers.

It can also help you receive feedback from the customers, which can always help you to construct a better, stronger website, with the best of facilities. An interesting idea would probably be to host a series of quizzes on your social media handles or even on your website (if it receives an ample amount of virtual traffic) that helps you to understand the psyche and the mindset of your customers, so that you have a deeper understanding of what they expect from your stores and what products or schemes they enjoyed, and the ones that they didn’t.

The next tip for making your online grocery store and its subsequent deliveries more popular is introducing it as a mobile app as well. Since online grocery is emerging as the new trend for grocery shopping, having the groceries on your mobile and being able to get deliveries at the touch of a button is just that much more convenient and increases the popularity of your virtual store. M-commerce, or mobile commerce, is the new trend in the retail industry, primarily because this technology has not only simplified things for so many people, but it has also made online shopping easy and fun for everyone.

So simple, that you don’t even need to open your systems or laptops to shop online these days. A simple cell phone does the needful. Besides, since you generally carry your phone around with you, it means that you can operate it from anywhere, at any time, without causing too much of a hassle. So, if you want to ensure more popularity for your online store, make your grocery store mobile responsive. Give it an impressive feel, make sure it is convenient and fast, and do make sure that you test it on multiple devices before you launch it. 

Payment Options

When it comes to payments, do make sure that you provide your customers with the liberty of choosing from multiple different options. Some people may be more comfortable with payment via their cards, whereas others may prefer digital wallets so that they can avail cash-back offers. Others may even want to opt for cash on delivery. So, it is important that you look for a platform, like Sell Nicely, that provides you and your customers with a flexible, yet reliable payment solution.

Do try to make sure that your grocery store is capable of integrating your site with online payment wallets and various other payment gateways. Do not forget to introduce cash on delivery as an option either, as your delivery service of choice can collect the cash and deliver it to you. Sell Nicely can also help you in the venture of integrating with multiple payment wallets, as well as gateways, therefore allowing you to provide your customers with different payment options.

Now that you have these first few steps of establishing your online grocery store, it is only a matter of some dedication and time, and of course, help from the best e-commerce website builder- Sell Nicely. Once you have all the tools this website builder has to offer at your disposal, it is only a matter of time before your online grocery business and delivery is flourishing and getting flooded with orders.

Do keep in mind that the most important thing you need to be sure of, while preparing for the delivery of daily needs, is that you need to be absolutely sure of the delivery service that you choose- this is very important so that the money that your customers spend is not scammed off of them, and also so that the revenue you generate is not snatched from you.

Remember, when in doubt, just opt for Sell Nicely – your sure shot way of establishing a successful online business of your own.

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