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How to Start Selling Furniture on Online Platform?

Selling online

Selling furniture online can be a way for you to make quick and easy money if you know what you are doing. What maybe started off as you selling one item, could eventually bloom into small business because the process isn’t very difficult. Just figure out what you have to do, and you will discover that it is surprisingly easy to grow from there. Afraid you may need more help? Don’t worry about it too much, because Sell Nicely will come to your aid. It is your best bet at selling furniture and helping you navigate your way through the process without any complications.

Let’s take a look at the steps you will need to follow if you want to sell furniture online.

Choose a Selling Platform

Online platform

The mere thought of “where should I even sell furniture” can seem overwhelming and daunting at first, because there are easily a multitude of ways you can go about it. The best platform, depending on how much you want to sell and how frequently, can vary from one person to another. This is where Sell Nicely comes in to rid you of all such doubts and confusion.

Since it is an online platform, it is automatically more convenient than the option of you having to haul your furniture to a pawn shop, especially during these trying times. Sell Nicely can easily cater to your needs and will help you to make a sale without giving you cause for concern. Online marketplaces and e-commerce website builders, like Sell Nicely, are the two most effective ways to sell furniture online. Don’t believe us? We have compiled a whole list of pros!

In case you are in favour of online marketplaces:

  • Large audience: A good online marketplace, like Sell Nicely, will already have a devoted and dedicated customer base, so you will not have to go through the troubles of looking for people to simply take a look at the product that you are trying to sell.
  • Since the website of your choice will already have a webpage, all that would be left for you to do would be to create an account and upload your product pictures and details.
  • The biggest drawbacks for online marketplaces are the lack of creative autonomy and the fact that these websites will charge you money- a percentage of the amount that you are once a purchase has been made. This amount differs from one online marketplace to another.

If you are wondering about website builders, like Sell Nicely:

  • Lower transaction fees: While online marketplaces may charge a transaction fee from their sellers, e-commerce websites simply do away with that aspect.
  • Creative control: When it comes to the design of your own website, you get to have complete autonomy over its design, as well as layout.
  • Stand out: If you are worried about getting lost among hundreds of sellers online, use your own e-commerce website to advertise your business a little more.

If considering e-commerce website builders, especially good ones like Sell Nicely, do keep in mind that while the process of developing your own website tends to be time-consuming and requires more advertising, it allows you to have complete control over your layout, design and branding of your store.

E commerce website builders offer you an amazing amount of branding opportunities and all the creative freedom you may need. Better yet, excellent ones like Sell Nicely they’ve been designed keeping tech novices in mind, so don’t worry if you think you aren’t very technologically gifted!

Upload Your Furniture

selling Furniture

Once you have completed that first step, what you have to do next, is that you have to create an online presence for yourself from where you can start uploading your furniture. On Sell Nicely, this can be achieved very easily, and your next few steps would essentially involve you customizing your page or your shop, to attract more customers and virtual footfall.

On an e-commerce website builder, like Sell Nicely, the entire webpage has not already been made, which allows you to have complete control over the kind of webpage you would like to design. While online marketplaces may seem convenient, spending a little more time on your webpage to make it suit your liking may take you and your virtual shop a long way.

Now that your virtual shop has been set up to your liking, it is time for you to upload your furniture. We recommend you think it through, instead of just `clicking “upload”, if you want to make a genuinely great sale. Here are some tips:

Product description: If you sell furniture online, your customers cannot actually see and touch the item you are selling. In that case, it is up to you and your description of them product to give them a fair insight into what they should expect from the furniture. Think of your description as the making or breaking point for a customer.

A good description can almost guarantee a sale- that is the kind of power it holds. Make your product description exceptional by being informative and persuasive, adding the exact dimensions, material, weight and colour of the product that you are selling. Don’t shy away from using floral keywords, such as “unique” or “elegant”.

Product photos: Would you buy a dresser that has been poorly photographed under unflattering light? No. It doesn’t matter how good the product actually is, if it isn’t photographed well. Remember, your customers cannot actually see that product in person. It is your responsibility to take clear and high-quality pictures of your product and upload them. Ensure that the pictures are not blurred or grainy, and that you capture the product at different angles to show it off.

Pricing: It is admittedly a task to figure out what price you should set your product at, but there are ways to tackle that problem. First off, on a platform like Sell Nicely, you can easily compare and contrast your product with other similar ones and see what they are priced at.

Your work can be easier if you have a ballpark figure to work with. You can also reflect on the quality of your product- is it custom-made or brand new, or is it second-hand? Is it beautifully polished with a shiny finish, or will it need a little cleaning up?

Payments and Shipping

Online payment

Once all that hard work is done, you can start looking at your payment options, followed by your shipping preferences.

Sell Nicely, like other good eCommerce website builders, uses a wide variety of payment processors- that you can choose from- to ensure a safe monetary transaction between you and your customers. You can have the option of setting up multiple payment methods- be it online banking, virtual wallets, debit cards, or credit cards.

In case you are on board with the idea of international shipping, do be mindful of the different currencies, and break down the payment methods accordingly. The baseline of setting up payment methods is selecting the method that would be most convenient for your customers. For example, if your demographic is primarily centered around older people, a wise decision would be to stay away from digital wallets like BHIM, or UPI.

At this point, you are almost good to go with your virtual store set up beautifully and your payment method taken care of. Let’s tackle this one at a   time- first off, you are going to need somewhere to ship from. This shipping origin will establish how shipping and taxes would be calculated. Then, you come to the shipping destination. Would you be shipping locally, nationally, or internationally?

This is followed by the method of shipping you choose. It can be free shipping- everyone’s favourite, exact shipping- where the shipping price is the amount that would be charged to deliver the product using couriers, or flat rate shipping-  the simplest for you, where a blanket rate is applied to all products and orders.

Promote Your Product

You are almost done at this point. All that is left to be done is advertisement- telling anyone and everyone about your furniture that is up for sale. Now, Sell Nicely, and other such capable e-commerce website builders already know that marketing is key to a successful and ever-growing business. They provide you with in-built tools that will help you with good promotion of your furniture.

Right from blogs, to newsletters, to social media, you have got an entire plethora of extremely powerful tool at your fingertips, to help you with advertising and promo. On the other hand, while online marketplaces may be less prepared to make your business reach new heights, they do provide you with just enough tools to get you started at least. Much like Sell Nicely, most eCommerce website builders do have some form of built-in systems to make sure your promotional activities get a flying start, but there is no rule that states that you can’t step it up by employing more tricks and tools for flawless advertising.

Inventory Management and Growth


The process of inventory tracking is one wherein you monitor your stock levels, while simultaneously keeping track of products that may be low in stock, out of stock, or need some kind of replacing or removing.

Think about it- if an item is sold out, but you forget to take it off your site, you are going to have to deal with a whole slue of angry customers. We are trying to avoid that. It may also seem scary- just the thought of leaving your online store alone, because what if something gets sold out the minute you take your eyes off? Well, this is another situation, wherein Sell Nicely can come to your rescue. E-commerce website builders can save you quite some time and energy with respect to such a situation.

Now that that has been taken care of, once your business truly takes off, you may have a question, “What next?” Well, you may have started off small, but nobody is telling you to stop there. Start growing your sales with the help of Sell Nicely. If you have already started of with an e-commerce website builder like that, it is just a matter of a few upgrades. If you started with an online marketplace, now would be as good of a time as any, to join the Sell Nicely family! With just a few upgrades and few fixes here and there, you will have a flourishing furniture business in no time at all.

There you have it! With the help of Sell Nicely, you can go from selling an armchair to having a successful and established business in 5 easy steps. How? Well, simply because Sell Nicely is the best out there! So, if you are hesitant, we would suggest you give it a go, because there is no way you will regret your decision if you have Sell Nicely by your side. Good luck!

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